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Shanxi Solid Industrial Co.,Ltd. is one group company and is located in the heavy industry province of Shanxi, China with rich resources of pig irons ,cokesteel and other industrial raw materials .

Shanxi Solid Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of standard fasteners and non-standard processing enterprises, the production of fasteners, 15-year-old, after a number of plant transformation, technology updates and improvements in production processes, complete according to user requirements.

Our production of hexagon bolt, Inner hexagon bolt, Expansion bolt, stainless steel blot, high-strength hexagon bolt, high strength hexagon bolt inside, flat mattress, spring mattress, the hexagonal nut, anchor bolts, double-headed bolts, and non-standard bolt / nut processing. And we can totally producing according to the drawing of our client.

The main products usage are: electronic products, equipment / instrumentation, machinery / machine tools, road monitors, electric bicycles, home air-conditioning / central air-conditioning, medical equipment, automated teller machines, automatic cash registers, power distribution equipment, communication products, such as supporting industries services. For the convenience of users while providing non-standard processing. 

Has a factory with an experienced technical team and a sound quality management system, product quality in line with national standards promulgated by the identification, by the city bureau of weights and measures, technical oversight body products as qualified. 

Our products are widely exported to European countries , Middle East , South East Asia , Africa , South American and North American for more than 15 years .We can also make the Castings and Forgings according to customers’ drawings or samples . We are eager to get your inquiries and establish long term mutual benefit cooperation relationship. We have our advantage in manufacturing and you have your advantages in sales , we are sure with our working together we can get one "win-win" situation .We hope we can grow together !

If you are sourcing fasteners in China, please contact us immediately! Our company is in Taiyuan, Shanxi, welcome you to visit us!


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